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Ruben and the parrot

Project by Stevan Mitrovic
Ruben is an orchestra conductor at the very end of his career . Following the death of his wife , the next concert he conducts reveals that he finds no purpose in doing it any more. The city noise is quite challenging to tolerate , and in desperation to find solace, he decides to move to nature.
funded of €62,000.00
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I am Akiko

Project by Damir Romanov
Akiko is a girl with a different perspective of snow, which gets her in trouble during the art class. But her unusual view of the winter magic ignites the imagination of all the students, and even rigorous teacher.
funded of €72,500.00
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Project by Jelena Milunovic
When the father gets struck by a sudden mental illness and flies away from ordinary life, only his daughter can bring him... almost to the ground.
funded of €58,350.00
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Child in me

Project by Andjela Jokovic
The Child in Me is in many ways a personal story based on my own experience. Growing up, I saw many adults seemingly forgetting how it is to be a child, to appreciate the world for what it is and to find wonders even in the mundane - such as a puddle during a rainy day. I saw people forgetting to take it easy, forgetting to allow their imagination to flow freely and I often reminded myself not to grow up into such a person.
funded of €46,271.00
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We offer different partnership opportunities from sponsoring and co-producing to project share and IP ownership. Each project has its own perks and full portfolio support is available. Animated films are widely distributed all over the world no matter the language and nationality of the production.

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