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Friends of animation, welcome to Animond world!

Who are we?

Animond is a private investment fund focussed on development and production of world-wide distributed animation. Our mission is to grow high quality animation content from features to series and short form intended to children, family as well as young adult and adult audiences.

By our official call for projects we gather films in different stages of financing and production. The fund keeps its sustainability from at least 70% of investments in commercial projects. In order to grow a healthy animation competition in all genres, we also support up to 30% of non-commercial animation intended for niche distribution and festivals.


Partnership opportunities

We offer different partnership opportunities from sponsoring and co-producing to project share and IP ownership. Each project has its own perks and full portfolio support is available. Animated films are widely distributed all over the world no matter the language and nationality of the production. Animation crosses borders, easily adapts to any market by dubbing the voices in local language and has large potential for further exploitation in other media and merchandise sales. Above all, we believe that these moving pictures, being drawn, stop-motion, computer 2D or 3D – speak universal language of the mankind. Our vision is to help these surreal worlds take us as far as our imagination can go.


What Does Animond Do?

Animond is the bridge between animated projects and investors.  Through our portfolio you can see all of the projects that we currently have available to invest in. Each animation has information gathered about it such as the production team, a synopsis, requested budget, and more.

Once a user finds an investment that they want they contact us through a form and we reach out to the potential investor. We run a small background check before a person can invest in the project so that we know they can make the level of the investment that they are offering. Once this is done we speak with the person to ensure that they are as well-informed as they can be.

If investment sounds like something that is right for you, then you should head on down to our portfolio page to see what investment opportunities are currently open. There are always new investment opportunities arising so make sure that you check back regularly to see what we are currently offering.

How do I submit a project?

Through our call for projects. If there is no open call for projects at the moment, please contact us in order to submit your animation project.

What are the benefits for animation producers on Animond?

Our platform allows animation companies  to show enough of their project to attract investors, without giving away too much information. We offer flexibility in terms of fundraising. We can also provide introductions from our network of producers or crew to help build momentum. We also have a pool of scriptwriters who can assist in script development. We are raising funds through direct contact with investors as well as online crowdfunding campaigns.© 20

How much does it cost to be a part of the Animond portfolio?

Animond fee is 5% of the raised financing.

How is Equity Funding Beneficial?

Investors benefit from providing project finance, as they are one of the first people to get paid after the animation is released and it starts to earn money. After the deferrals and debts are paid off, the money that is earned by the film or series will be split between the financiers and the production companies involved in a predetermined percentage.

How Can You Become an Investor?

It is not hard to join the many film/series investors and film financing companies. The process starts by approaching film and series financing companies like Animond. You can start researching the films listed on Animond portfolio that are looking for additional finance from the investors. You should take your time to research details about the productions that you may want to invest in. This allows you to make better decisions about your film finance investments.

Once you have selected the project or a number of projects that you want to invest in, you can contact Animond about the investment that you want to make. A background check will be done before the funds are forwarded to a production company.

Become partner

If you want to become Animond partner, please contact us.


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