Ruben and the parrot

Project by Stevan Mitrovic

What if the defeaning noise is coming from the inside?

This project is non-commercial, which means that financial rewards are not guaranteed.
funded of €62,000.00
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Family, comedy


Family, children 6-11 years , 3D animation


8 Min, 5.1, no dialogue






In pre-production


To Blink Animation (Serbia), Vojin Vasovic, Andrijana Sofranic Sucur ;To Blink Studio (Canada) Stevan Mitrovic


Writer/Director - Stevan Mitrovic, Art director - Felix Girard, Art direction supervisor – Nikola Stepkovic, Lead animator - Andjela Jokovic


Film Center of Serbia, Toronto Art Council, CEE Animation Workshop, Kids Kino Pitching Forum, Anomalia Character Design



Ruben is an orchestra conductor at the very end of his career. Dejected and withdrawn, he is faced with loneliness and loss of meaning after the death of his wife. Fleeing from the noise of the city and also his loud, cheerful neighbor – the parrot, he settles in nature, only to discover that the noise follows him, prompting him to look into the sounds of his heart and to transmute them back into harmony.

Ruben and the Parrot is a story about confrontation of ultimate solitude when our loved ones have passed on, finding a way to love them back when they are not with us anymore, and rediscovering a purpose to living. This is ultimately a story of faith in the human spirit, of responsibility and love.


Stevan Mitrović is a writer and a director based in Toronto. He grew up in Kragujevac, Serbia where he studied English literature and linguistics and later on moved to Canada to continue studying directing and producing.

Stevan has been working in film industry for 10 years, with his directorial debut being short live action film “Two Inches Taller” and several projects he produced. He also worked in Art Department on numerous Netflix, HBO, Amazon and Disney productions.

Currently, Stevan is developing animation film “Ruben and the Parrot”.

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