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Animond is a funding platform where investors and animation makers connect.

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Animond is a private investment fund focusing on the development and production of worldwide distributed animation. Our mission is to grow high-quality animation content from features to series and short-form intended for children, families as well as young adults and aduly audiences.

By our official call for projects, we gather films in different stages of financing and production. The fund keeps its sustainability from at least 70% of investments in commercial projects. In order to grow a healthy animation competition in all genres, we also support up to 30% of non-commercial animation intended for niche distributions and festivals.

About Animond

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Successful Projects

Successful Projects

Just For The Record

The first film that Animond supported "Just For The Record" premiered at the DOKLeipzig film festival following continued success at international festivals winning numerous awards! The film was picked up by HBO Europe for European distribution, Shot TV for Russian and Baltic territories, and Super Channel for Canadian broadcasting.

Partnership opportunities

We offer different partnership opportunities from sponsoring and co-producing to project share and IP ownership. Each project has its own perks and full portfolio support is available. Animated films are widely distributed all over the world no matter the language and nationality of the production.

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